About Carm

Hi it's Carm here, welcome my friends. 

I truly hope you enjoy the services that I shall be sharing with you. But first let me tell you a little bit about who I am, and how my story began. 


As a young girl I lived in very small house with my parents and brother. This particular home had housed generation of families over time and it held so many wonderful energies of the past. It's here where I had my first encounter with the spiritual world. At the tender age of 6 I had an out of body experience.  Many of you may ask what is an outer body experience? This is when your soul temporarily moves out of your physical body, sometimes looking down at your own 'self'. For me, I was above my bed looking down at myself while the room was spinning out of control. It was a very scary feeling of having no control at all, especially when I had no idea what was happening. Being raised Roman Catholic, this kind of activity was never spoken of, so I had no idea why this had happened. At the time, I put it down to a bad dream but still to this day I remember like yesterday. 


As the years went on I always felt like I was different, not really fitting in with crowds. I struggled with what society expected of me and being raised in a strict Italian family there were lots of rules and restrictions. I always said to my mumma "I'm different I'm creative". She would laugh at me and blow me a kiss bless her!  As you can imagine, being the free spirt that I am, I continuously struggled with this feeling of restriction.


My family has always been so important to me. I was in a relationship for over 21 years in that time period I had 2 beautiful girls who are my world. Experienced 2 miscarriages which nearly broke me. My guides stopped me from working with a back injury to slow me down. They had other plans for me, this is when my true journey began on ME. I joined a women's gym for the first time as I didn't have the confidence and began working on me I lost over 12kgs and start to feel really good about myself. I spent alot of time investing in my mind. Spiritually I was evolving. Unfortunately, my relationship ended and this was the opportunity for me to start fresh, really think about what I wanted and where was I going?  

Through my work I have experienced the dark side, and can definitely say that I only work with the light and for the greater good. I started to develop a relationship with my guides, and then with my Master. It was such an honour to work with these amazing beings on a daily basis. 


I went on to complete many workshops, and have developed a strong relationship with the Angels. It's here that I feel like I have come home. 


For a long time in my life I had always been wondering if my purpose in life was more, and I can tell you YES! 


I have deep respect for all religions but ultimately, I believe that we each hold the key to our own success. It's my passion to help bring serenity, balance and happiness back into your life.  My life experience has led me to channel through my Master, Guides and Angels to give you messages that you need to hear at the time. 


Now I feel its time to share my special Earth Angel work, spread my wings and help you all. I truly send you lots of Angel Blessings until we meet again.

Love Carm xx

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