Angel Reiki Healing Circle

Are you in need of healing? This is a great opportunity to receive healing in a group situation. Through pure intention, Angels energy is infused in the group, to help clear and reset you.

Anyone can come along, you don't have to have done  a Reiki course. It is a fantastic opportunity to receive and exchange healing. Followed by tea, coffee and snacks. Allow 2.5 hours.

Angel Meditation (Carm's House)

Time to get our soul, mind, body and spirit into connection.  Let's connect with the Angels & Guides and develop the quieten of the mind, in this busy world.  Leave the drama, negativity behind. Let's escape to peace, adventure and joy. The mediations are guided to leave you feeling at peace and clear.  On arrival you will choose your Angel Card and I will give you guided message.  We then connect to spirit, share our experience and enjoy coffee, tea and snack all provided by me.  Limited Spots!

Angel Mobile Meditation (minimum of 6 guests $25 each)

Who would love to learn how to connect with your Angels and Spirit? Time to switch off the mind and find your true inner peace. Meditation has so many healing benefits to recharging the body and soul.  You now have the opportunity to get a minimum of 6 friends $25 each . If there are more people who like to join $25 each and I will come to your place or work space and guide you through your meditation journey. Note this is South of River extra costs occur for travel out of this area.

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