Working with the Angels


My journey to inner peace began when I would meditate each day, and connect with the beautiful angels. This was a totally new world to me, which came with many great lessons about how to communicate with angels. At birth we are assigned a Guardian Angel who watches over us, until we die. There are also many other Angels who are here to assist us in our daily lives, we just need to ASK FOR THEIR HELP.


This was really surprising to me as I thought they would just step in and assist? Apparently you need to ASK FOR THERE ASSISTANCE. 

So I asked for assistance in all areas of my life did you know there are parking angels, shopping angels, gym angels, healing angels, financial angels, career angels, work angels there are so many angels, far too many to list!  It’s about asking and then waiting for the signs to come through, this was another interesting subject that I began to learn.


I began to encounter the presence of angels, who came to me in the form of feathers. I’m a little on the crazy but fun side, but it’s very exciting to know their presence is with you.  There are different coloured feathers for different times in your life. For example the black feather is protection. I associate this with Archangel Michael whom I love working with every day. He’s given me great strength and comfort knowing that I’m protected and guided. Or white feathers, which are a reminder that your guardian angel is by your side guiding you.


There are many other signs that the angels are nearby, from butterflies when a transformation is about to happen; coins when a loved one has come down to say hi and wish you good luck; or dolphins who remind us about friends, family to have fun.


I would like to share with you the main angels that I work with daily and what they can do for you.  I encourage you to connect with them and ask for their assistance. These are only a few I work with as there are too many to mention, but I give thanks everyday they can assist.

Archangel Michael

He is the beautiful angel of protection, courage, strength, truth and integrity giving you faith, he cuts all cords associated with past experiences, past lives he carries sword of blue flame that protects you from harsh energies, you can ask for his assistance when you feel lonely, confused and scared he will raise his shield and enclose you with his beautiful blue energy.


Archangel Raphael 

I love working the Archangel Raphael as he’s the angel of healing and travel. His gorgeous emerald green will infuse your body and bring it back to optimum health. Archangel Raphael believes our body is the temple of our souls, sometimes we hear messages that we should rest but choose not to.  Pay particular attention to what your body needs.

Archangel Jophiel 

Such a gorgeous Angel she is. I always associate her with smell of flowers, and every now and then a flowery scent will appear. I then know I’m in the presence of Angel Jophiel. She has a beautiful pink colour, and she is the angel of beauty, patience and creativity. Once the seed has been planted we sometimes become impatient and want things to happen quickly. Remember divine timing, Angel Jophiel is here to support us.


Archangel Zadkiel 

He’s the angel of compassion and forgiveness, he will set you free to forgive people, situations and life experience that have kept you stuck or in the past.  It’s important to forgive people as this sets you free from that situation. Sometimes the ego will tell you to hold onto the stress and pain of the situation, but this will not assist your inner health, and in fact it can be toxic.  

Archangel Azrael 

Angel of death who awaits you for your next birth.  As you leave your physical shell of this existence on earth.  Together you move up to higher levels where you’re given the opportunity to review your life with soul lessons.  Once this is done, you will have illuminated everything and you will receive healing where you will continue to undergo training that shall provide a foundation for your new life.  You will then unite with all members of your soul family, so there are no reason to fear death my dear friends.

Archangel Gabriel

Angel Gabriel assists with our inner child that we sometimes lose due to being hurt by, parents, teachers, tutors, and friends.  His aura is a white or golden white.  He loves to work with children to bring happiness back into their daily lives.  Angel Gabriel also assists adults with bringing back that inner child, by cutting the cords and bringing laughter and fun back.

Archangel Uriel

Angel Uriel is the angel claircognisance which assist with your next step in life. He’s a great angel to call upon when you need assistance with business meeting, studying, tests, and writing together with angel Zadkiel helps students with tests at school. 



Archangel Metatron

When I think of Angel Metatron I feel he is the angel of children, to guide and assist.  He also assists with priorities and focusing on where you would like to go in life. His aura is usually pink or green.  Sometimes life just seems to be going by, with no real direction, call upon Angel Metatron to give you clear signs on what to do next.



Archangel  Jeremiel

Is the angel of the past, it’s now time to reconcile your past, so your vessel can become pure again. In order to do this you need to let go of all wounds, traumas and disappointments that have been inflicted on you.  He assists with overcoming difficulties and letting go of past attachments to heal the soul.



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