Mind, Body, Soul

Looking after your body (your temple), requires a conscious effort from you, if you wish to achieve maximum results both in and out of the gym. 


I’m a great believer in combining regular exercise together with clean eating, because in taking care of yourself inside and outside you're showing the universe that you have love and respect for yourself. If you don't love and care for you then who will?


When you take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing (incorporating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements), it's much easier to find balance in your world and thus you create yourself a more tranquil lifestyle.


​ I generally like to eat gluten-free. This is my personal preference and might not work for everyone, but I have found this to be very beneficial to my health in general, and has also helped with enhancing my workouts.


If your diet has been fairly sugar or chemical heavy then you may find it helpful to kick start your metabolism and clear out the toxins with a detox programme. There are many great detox options out there so do your research and find the one that suits you best. It takes a big commitment for a few weeks, but after the initial shock, your body will love these new trigger points! With my energy healing sessions and essential oils, I can help to support your body (and soul) through the detox process so that you 'release' and cleanse in a gentle, safe way that works only for your highest good.


If you already enjoy eating healthy and exercising, you will find that my energy healing sessions will complement your lifestyle and bring together your Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. During your session, I tune into you chakra centres to realign them, and assist with easing muscle tension, releasing stress, feeling more energised and refreshed. I also work with beautiful natural products, that help ease muscle tension, reduce inflammation and release the physical discomfort whilst your body regenerates.


Together with my tools and my team of helpers we assist your body to clear and reset itself.

*All Services are strictly non-sexual. Any inappropriate behaviour will result in discontinuation of service without a refund.

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